about mom.


Rachel Lorena


hello world-

i am a  mom to a baby boy in which this blog derived from. besides the daily parenting duties i'm sure will consume most of my time, i'm still a real life young lady in the midst of learning how to balance growing up and living "carelessly" in the 20's. for most young moms, this theory sounds almost impossible, but my motive is to inspire you through my experiences and bring to you & yours a little slice of hope that helps you get through the day and further enlighten you to dibble dabble in something you been putting off to do.  this blog is dedicated to an accumulation of baby photos, inspired ideas/thoughts, and personal insights as well as experiences on my day to day wonders of being both a mom and a growing little lady. specifically, here i will hoard an unlimited amount of memories throughout this endless journey of overwhelmingly rewarding moments we call: motherhood. 

mission: "be a mom- but never ever let go of remembering to be you, too."