"what does it feel like?"...is ranking to be the highest asked question throughout this journey thus far but I haven't settled with any clear definite answer just yet. currently, it feels like he's learning how to juggle and doing the cha-cha slide all at once; having his own little party to say the least. but don't be fooled, that's just one of his numerous multi-tasking activities.

the he i'm referring to is babyboy, landon carter, who is due on tuesday, june 7th 2016. from name picking, food cravings, and planning- this has been a whirlwind of changes that came with an overflowing wave of excitement and added a new found shade of happiness to my life.  i. just. can't. wait.

i plan to use this social platform as a blogging arena to combine all the things this little boy has to bring to the world. nursery designs, wardrobe, first steps, etc.- ill be capturing it all. being new to this kind of stuff- both babies & blogging...bare with me but please, do feel free to share your thoughts, ideas, comments, and concerns. stay tuned!


landon's mom