Yes, to Life.


I’m back! And here’s to the first post of 2017, a month and a few days later- I’m sorry! My absence is due to the overwhelming amount of change that has been going on already in this brand-new year. When I said bring it on 2017 I didn’t mean all at once- jeez. Nonetheless, in my time away I’ve managed to switch jobs, finally secure a trustworthy babysitter (hardest thing in the world might I add), and even check off a few things from my 2017 bucket list and it’s only February *does double take in the mirror*.

So where’d we leave off- oh yes, “living life to its extremities and in its present state”. Well, after taking my own advice I still stand by that. But, I wanted to go deeper into the “living” portion of my statement, specifically from the very beginning. I was never able to share with you all the video of Landon’s first day living, and after scuffling through old photos and archives I realized how powerful that day truly was and what my meaning and message of just living really meant to you all.

Do you ever wonder when life begins? Is it when two people choose to become parents or is it when the first sound of a heartbeat brings tears to your eyes, more-so, are you one of those “I gotta see it to believe it” kind of people? I don’t think there is any right or wrong answer to that question- in fact there’s more than just one answer to it.

My life hit restart that day. Ironically, I found my reason to breathe again through the first breath of my son. Everything that didn’t make sense all of a sudden had meaning. I sound dramatic- I know, and maybe over the top but there’s no words in this world that can sum up and possibly measure the surreal-ness of that day to one short description, although I’ll do my best the fact remains that there is none. So, for me- life started the same day my sons did, not literally, but in all other aspects, yes- it did. The significance of choosing his life grows deeper with time. As Landon keeps growing so do I, as a mother- as a partner- and above all as a woman.

To say this story is a fairytale would be a lie and some stories are better left untold, just not this one. Many may say, suggest, and think that having a baby is a stump or hold in all the things we seem to be in a rush to check off in our twenties but for me, contrary to popular belief, this was not a stump but rather a start.  It’s one of tremendous growth as beginners and ultimately as a parent in nurturing, fueling, disciplining, and planting our own teachings into new life, Landon’s life. No matter how we got here- we’re here and whether a heartbeat defined that or our choices: Landon’s waiting, watching, growing,- living. In a world like the one we're living in today where the leader of our country knows not what it means to lead- where a women's march spoke louder than any footsteps ever could- where racial bans are breaking innocent families instantly- remember that life itself is ever changing and how and when you choose to start living it is solely up to you.

So again I ask, do you ever wonder when life begins?

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