B A L A N C E.

peek-a-boo, i'm back! my absence on livelovelandon is due to just that- i been living and most certainly loving Landon. my little man just got back from a long stay in Florida where he enjoyed endless amounts of family time with his favorites- grandpa & grandma! 

for my veteran followers this is old news but to my new comers, I'm a middle school teacher, therefore September has been crazy to say the very least. getting back into the swing of full days working instead of full days giggling with Landon has been tough on me. although most of my days i find myself speeding through tasks, i wanted to take just a few minutes to briefly reflect on the insurmountable amount of balance that i've mastered in my life.

don't get me wrong- this is hard. i could sit here and paint pretty pictures for you guys but the reality of it all is if there is no balance in your life it all becomes one big mess. that means with your jobs, your friends, your family, your interests, etc. whatever it is you indulge in daily- find an even flow to carry on throughout. too much of one thing is overwhelming and too little of something else doesn't settle hungry thoughts.

you'll be surprised how much peace you'll encounter simply prioritizing and balancing the bits and pieces that make up the complete puzzle of your life. don't strive to be a finished product, but instead, a work in progress. personally, i work on me day in and out- slowly trying to cultivate the best version of myself i can: physically, emotionally, and mentally. 

interpersonal tips:

  1. breathe
  2. take your time
  3. organize
  4. drop everything
  5. remind yourself it's ok
  6. remember to smile
  7. feed your heart
  8. enlighten your mind
  9. test your soul
  10. breathe, again.


Landon's Mom

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