Baby Bump.

according to The Bump app, he's about the size of a squash and weighing in at 3.5 pounds with two months left to go- i must be doing something right huh?! as baby Landon continues to grow, so do i! although i truthfully don't feel the weight, my skin has stretched let alone expanded immensely. before hand i would already drown my skin in lotions & oils, imagine now! 

in my first trimester i was using Earth Mama Angel Baby body wash, stretch oil, body butter, and wellness spray. it's an all-natural organic herbal blend of products that truly sticks true to its name- very earthy. the body wash was super foamy leaving your skin feeling very bare and almost dry enough to allow the oil & butter to finish the job. finally, the wellness spray was probably my favorite. although many moms to be may not experience any kind of morning sickness or dizziness like i did, this wellness spray calmed all my altered senses and regained overall balance. i would spray it once or twice right before the shower was steaming up and basked in its ambiance. 

as of late, i've just been sticking to my usual Palmers cocoa butter stretch mark cream & oil. i also add on another extra layer of Bio Oil for the extra stretching. fun fact: stretch marks may not even appear on your skin until after the baby, this does not mean your skin doesn't need the extra t.l.c! 

all of that being said...yay for maternity pictures! maintaining a flawless belly growth is key for these to turn out as you envision them. even though these were the trickiest pictures to plan for, because in my head i'm thinking, "how on earth am i making a huge belly look beautiful?", i realized i wasn't the one that had to do much- the belly does it all by itself aka thanks baby boy. 


Landon's mom

thank you! photographer: IG:@beengolden