Skip, Hop, + Jumping Into 2 0 1 7

Never has a year come and gone like the one that we just lived through- holy 2016! Where do I even begin? To say my thoughts are everywhere is an understatement. Looking back on the girl I was entering 2016 to the woman I am entering 2017 today brings tears to my eyes- the growth is not one that could be measured easily.

As women, we forget to give ourselves credit. We are constantly looking for everything that's wrong with us or everything we can do to be better when in actuality we are exactly where and how we need to be. We continuously are setting timelines on when things are "suppose" to happen and things we "must" accomplish before a certain deadline. That being said- make today your deadline to stop doing just that and instead just live and let things be as they will. Coming from a girl who had a different outlook on life and realized life laughed in my face while doing a 180 on me- just go with it. You'll be surprised how you bat at all the curve balls thrown your way.

It took me a whole year to realize the immense amount of power I have and the insurmountable amount of caged potential. I lost love and was introduced to it in a whole new form: self-love. I started a masters degree and realized I'm moving too fast. I became one with my career and a new found dream arose from it. I became a mom and never felt this kind of happiness & peace- ever. You can and will do everything you sought out to do- have patience with yourself. So my wish into this brand new year is simply to live- to all its extremities and with all its rewards, take it all in. 

Cheers to you & yours, heres to livin'.

2 0 1 7 xoxo

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