Home Sweet Home.

Landon Carter is here!

The moment that has felt like we've been waiting forever for finally happened on Friday June 3rd at 2:57am. My precious baby boy entered this world weighing in at 8 lbs 4oz and stretching to about 21.5in. Originally- I wanted to share a detailed post on delivery day and all the crazy emotions and feelings that happened all at once, but after some thought, that moment is so sacred and surreal that letting your minds reminisce/wander on your own experiences, past or future moms, seemed like a better route. You'll see!

Before I introduce the man himself to livelovelandon.com, I wanted to first share the making of his nursery! This was one of my favorite things to put together simply because interior design has just always been my thing. With the help of endless Fixer Upper episodes and tons of Pinterest posts, I was able to accumulate my own style into the nursery I envisioned.

To start, I went with a cool grey for our room walls. Since I'm sharing a room with him, I didn't want the typical blue all boys have- plus, I'm a lady he had to compromise. Side note: I saw most parents online setting up the nursery in their own separate baby room, that's awesome if you have the space -but I can't express enough how amazing it's been to have the baby right next to me because being up every two hours during the night becomes that much easier. 

Next- I stuck to accents of white and darker grays and of course some blue and greens for the baby. Side note Part II: I love pillows- so when ever I feel like my room is missing something or needs a change, I switch up pillow combos all the time. 

Since I had so many decorations I wanted to keep from the baby shower, I incorporated a lot of them into the nursery giving it the perfect finishing touches. I also had no clue what to do with all his sonograms- so I chose my favorite one, framed it, and stored the rest in his memory box.


My favorite part of the room was the wall decor. Although it was the absolute hardest to find matching pieces that created the overall flow of the nursery, I was so happy with the outcome. From my maternity canvas to my favorite quotes/sayings in frames it really wrapped up the room to fit both mine and Landon's shared new home. 


Lastly, I created a reading corner for Landon & Lotus (his 6ft human size bear). I've been reading to him since he's been in my belly so I wanted to keep this tradition for as long as possible. Soon, I'm sure this reading area will be substituted with a toy trunk and countless hours of play time- stay tuned!



Landon's Mom