As baby Landon makes his way into the two month period, I find myself reflecting on things that all of a sudden are capsuled away into a past time vs. what's next? 

Because a baby takes up pretty much...your entire life, I've come to realize that many of the things I once knew as casualties- like shopping, waking up at 12pm, taking long baths, etc., are now in fact small moments I look forward to cramming in between feedings & naps. 

There's a lot of other things I miss, many of which I won't ever get back but in contrary, many of which I'm glad are gone. Being young & being a mom is tough- the outside world has a lot to say and very little to offer. Everything is in fact what you make of it: strong emphasis on the you. Whether it be a cherished memory or setting out new goals, you are the master of your own fate, both past influences & present. The scary part of it all is where do you start? Where are you going? And how do you get there? But fear is what fuels our strengths - at least for me it does. 

Although I find myself frequently reminiscing, I'm excited to see where my mind wanders to in the years ahead and the new memories waiting to be made in the moments to come.  

Be patient. 

Be present. 

Be peaceful.


Landons Mom