My First Adventure

On Thursday morning, Landon and I packed our bags and spontaneously headed to the state known for all its sunshine, Florida. Not only did I wake up so excited for our getaway but I had something up my sleeve.

My family lives in Florida therefore Landon hasn't been able to meet them and considering I love surprises I decided to show up at their front door with no notice or expectance that I would come to town-with a special package at that, their great grandson. Before I get into all of Landon's firsts on our trip I wanted to share with you a few tips on packing for both baby and mom.

First of all- pack for baby first! Although their clothes is tiny and may seem to not take up a lot of room, all the other things you'll need "just in case" most definitely will consume a lot like a thermometer, special creams, and tons of burp cloths & blankets- it builds up.

Tip #1: Theres no such thing as overpacking for a baby. You could never have brought too much for them but you certainly don't want to feel like you packed too little. 
Tip #2: I personally didn't mind brining my own diapers and wipes just to avoid stopping to buy them but if you want to eliminate space that would be a way to make room for other things because those "baby undies" definitely take up a lot.
Tip#3: Keep all important baby go to items at the top. Landon's go to items are a bottle, a bib, a blanket, and a binki- the four B's
Tip#4: Remember you're going on the trip too- don't forget to cover all bases with your outfits and extra accessories needed. 
Tip #5: Your go-to's should also be at the top of your wardrobe. For me its my wallet, ticket info, headphones, and camera. I did't bring my own bag because the beauty of my baby bag is that it has a entire section for mommy.
Tip #6: Be hands free! I had Landon in his baby backpack to maneuver my coffee (also a definite go to item), luggage, his bag, and stroller a bit easier. Sounds like a lot but its do able.
Tip #7: Get ready to have fun!

After surprising my family- Landon and I had some water activities planned in the days to come. Pool time! A lot of people are afraid of the chlorine in the pool water for baby skin but in actuality what should be of major concern is the water temperature. Being that it was 97 degrees the pool was just as warm as Landons typical bath and can we just say he loves the water.

We were also able to go to the beach which I was afraid about for starters but with the right preparation it turned out to be his favorite too- just like mommy. Sand is going to get everywhere no matter how hard you try to prevent that from happening- its ok, as long as baby is hydrated, overloaded on sunblock, and in the shade at all times you are good to go.

Our trip was lovely to say the very least. From some much needed family time to our mother and son outings it was all a start to many many more adventures to come. 

Where to next Landon?


Landons Mom