Last October, just around this time, I was pronounced most nervous, excited, scared, overwhelmed, pregnant being to be roaming this earth. I remember completely shutting down and just sitting there in silence thinking one thing and one thing alone- oh    my    god.

Here I am today getting my hair pulled, having an interrupted sleep schedule, singing lullabies, etc. to my 17lb- four month year old, soon to be five, son and yet I sit here...just not in silence this time because the babbling is non-stop, still saying to myself....oh    my    god. 

I'm not too sure how I did it or how I'm still managing but I will say this- it's amazing. The good days surpass the bad ones and it feels like good days only get better with him. So here's to the "oh my god" that still shocks me now as it did then. 


Landon's Mom