Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice.

The fall here is full in effect! The foliage of transitional leaf changes gives New York the most beautiful setting for the holidays that are amongst us. From yellow, red, and orange hues to cinnamon and pumpkin spice scents filling the cool breezy air, keeps Fall being nothing but one of my favorite seasons of the year.  

Speaking of pumpkins, Landon and I took a trip back to my hometown- Riverhead, Long Island. Returning here brought so many memories back into existence of indulging in the suburban way of living so why not start Landon early in sharing & passing down one of many traditions- pumpkin picking!

We traveled to Harbes Family Farm located in a town called Mattituck, a close high school family friend owned farm. The farm has tons of activities for kids like hay rides, corn mazes, and a pumpkin bounce house- all too expedited for Landon just yet, but Landon couldn't of enjoyed being part of a pumpkin patch more than I expected. He refused to be in the stroller and insisted on just scoping out all the pumpkins, which seemed life size to him, in awe. Not only did the farm offer tons of options for kids, but there was also a pumpkin beer stand and my personal favorite, Harbes Vineyard. Being a wine lover gives these vineyards all the meaning in the world.

A lot of people thought I was crazy for bringing a baby out onto a dirt filled field- disclaimer: babies are suppose to be exposed to the real world in order to build a strong immune system a.k.a it's  o k a y. What wasn't okay was me totally forgetting everything! I forgot my wallet,extra bibs, extra water, extra everything to say the least. Zero disclosure here, I packed too much clothes focusing on the weather and not enough of everything else a baby needs- it happens. You don't become a horrible mom for forgetting, amongst the 26,000 other things you keep reminding yourself not to forget- yes, 26,000 is what it feels like. Therefore, I came up with my F A L L tips:

F-ind time during the day to run through the list of "must haves" before packing the "just incases".

A-lways remember to pack the things you need also- baby relies on your preparedness. 

L-eave anything that is too much of a hassle to carry or hold, buy it on the way if you must.

L-ive, love, and most importantly laugh!


Landon's Mom