Reaching the Finish Line.

it feels like just yesterday i was staring anxiously/terrified at every tester reading "pregnant". here i am entering the 9 month mark with a baby weighing in at about 7 pounds and a due date that only gets closer and closer. he's almost here!

as a young lady, a continuing college graduate, a full-time worker, and now a soon to be full-time mom, this journey truly has been one with its own unique nature. it has taught me so much about myself and has instilled such growth and balance mentally, emotionally, and of course physically. being told something about pregnancy and actually experiencing it first hand are two theories located on separate ends of the spectrum. i've been able to reflect, analyze, and apply things we say we would always do as little girls when ever these moments in our lives came around: getting married, buying a house, etc- in this case, having a baby

when launching this blog, i had mentioned that i couldn't find words just yet to answer everyones synonymous question: "what does it feel like?". after some time, thought, and peace with my answer i think i can finally say it just feels real


adjective  re·al \ˈrē(-ə)l\

: actually existing or happening : not imaginary

: not fake, false, or artificial

: important and deserving to be regarded or treated in a serious way


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