Santa Baby.

Happy December Blogies & Happy 6 months to my not so little man anymore- (that post is coming soon, stay tuned)! The holidays are full in effect in the Rachel and Landon household if you couldn't tell by now its my favorite time of the year. There's just something about Christmas, you know?

We got a head start on our holiday pictures and created some DIY cards that I am more than satisfied with. In previous posts you may have read how getting a good shot of a baby can be a hassle- wanting perfect Christmas photos was a mission and a half.

Backdrop, Cameras & Lighting:

I teamed up with my close friend, Lur, an upcoming Vlogger who is taking part in Vlogmas and well on her way in creating a big following. If you haven't done so, check out her channel & subscribe (details below). You'll see day by day rituals of mom'ing on camera starring Landon and myself in a few. Because of her new found hobby, she ordered special backdrops, studio lights, and special tripods- the whole shabang! This gave our pictures the professionalism touch we were looking for.

Props, Clothing, & Vision:

Before getting behind the camera, we had shopped non-stop for the right props and outfits that fit our proposed vision. We spent days on end in Target, years in HomeGoods, and centuries in Michaels. Our best deal thus far was definitely Michaels Thursday percentage deals- IT WAS NUTS! Everything, and I mean everything was 50%-70% off giving you ornament boxes for 4$ all the way up to wreaths for 10$, I repeat- NUTS!


Photoshoot Day:

After setting up and fine tuning our props, it was time to get the kids propped in as we envisioned. This of course was the toughest part. Although, Landon is an incredible baby and I'm not bragging cause he's mine- seriously he's awesome, it still took an entire day to get these shots, switch outfits, and change props all while getting naps and feedings in as we edited. Patience with yourself and them is definitely key. 

Overall- it was tons of fun. Remember to stay in the spirit, throw on some christmas jingles and make some hot coco to keep the day running as smooth as possible. 

Shoot #1:

Pajama Outfit: Target (Cat & Jack Collection)

Santa Crochet Hat: Target

Ornaments: Michaels

Burlap Tote: Michaels

Red quilted throw: Ralph Lauren

Shoot #2:

Plaid Red Button Down/ Jean Set: Carters (Marshalls)

DIY Mason Jar Vases/Leaf Picks: Landons Baby Shower Vases- (LadyJane)

Bell Sleeved Off-White Blouse: H&M

Dark Denim Jeans: Tommy Hilfiger

Featuring: VLogger Lurdeliz Batista

IG: @lifewithlur


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