Savannah 2018


*ques "Georgia On My Mind" by Ray Charles* 

I don't even know where to begin with Savannah because truthfully I'm still wrapping my thoughts around everything we saw and everything I so quickly fell in love with but I guess I'll start at the underlying question: Why Georgia?

The Pre-Planning:

Originally, we had planned to be in Cancun throwing back some fruity drinks, getting some much needed Vitamin-Sea, and enjoying the luxury that all-inclusive has to offer. BUT like many things in life, things didn't go as expected and we had to put that trip on hold. If you know me though, you know this 3-day weekend wasn't getting off the leash that easy. So I dug into my 2018 travel plans and remembered one of my "to-do's" was to travel to historical/adventurous cities right here in the U.S without having to break the bank. After some extensive web searches, good feedback/recommendations, and confirming a babysitter- Savannah was a GO! 

The Drive:

We packed our bags and decided to drive up from Daytona, Florida [3-4 hour drive] after our dose of some Sunday football. The temperature was my least favorite part of the trip because why on earth is it 40-50 degrees tops in the South? SOS! 


The Hotel:

Through my extensive research a.k.a I always have to have a plan- I came across what is known to be one of the many Haunted Hotels in Savannah, The Gastonian. Although this city is the number one haunted city in America, luckily for us no ghosts or spirits spooked us this time. Plus, we had Ghost Busters on speed-dial. 

The hotel was built in 1868 and is made up of two mansions put together side by side. It has kept its Victorian-historic touch with the over abundance of antiques dispersed perfectly throughout the houses. Our room had its own fireplace and balcony with complimentary champagne bottle service to get the night started and a bed + breakfast service to ease the hangover. I truly felt like I was back in the 1800's for just one night and owned one of the most beautiful mansions in the city- a girl can dream!

 Julliet Queen Suite at The Gastonian

Julliet Queen Suite at The Gastonian


The Ghosts Stories:

After settling in and celebrating what was an unbelievable Vikings win, we headed out to experience this haunted city and participated in a Haunted Pub Crawl I had booked through Ghost City Tours. The tour started at 9pm and lasted till around 10:30pm. During this time we were told about all the mysterious stories that seem to happen quite often throughout the whole city. Now I won't give it away because if you ever visit Savannah this is a must do, but I will say- stay away from cellars and Jacob the boy who will tell you he is still 13 years old since 1852...*runs away screaming*

Not only did the Pub Crawl school you on some cool insight the town is filled with but you were able to make some stops, grab a drink, and make tons of new friends from all over the U.S. Some of these stops included Tondee's Tavern, Bayou Cafe, 17Hundred90 [You'll meet Anna here- also run screaming if you can] and lastly McDonough's where you can grab the mic and get your karaoke on. 


The City:

Okay- we made it through the night without lights flickering and footsteps in the hallways, yipee! Although I had an itinerary and almost always prefer to stick to it, we decided to walk around and do some wandering around Savannah. We came across some gorgeous side streets, breath-taking Victorian homes, and beautiful parks. One of the parks right in the center of the Historic District is Chippewa Square where the famous Forrest Gump bench scene was filmed. Little did we know, the bench isn't permanently there because it was a movie prop which is now featured in a Museum- bummer, I know we were excited too.

 The Amthyst Garden Inn

The Amthyst Garden Inn

 Forsyth Park

Forsyth Park


Good Eats:


As I was posting my doings in Savannah, I was getting tons of recommendations on where to go and especially where to eat. One place that remained a constant was Collins Quarter and luckily it was minutes away from our hotel. Drum roll please...

 Swine-Time Beni at Collins Quarter

Swine-Time Beni at Collins Quarter

This masterpiece was everything and more and I am almost positive I'll be daydreaming about it for days, weeks, and months to come. The vibe at Collins Quarter is one that can easily define 'relaxed' to a tee with small marble table tops, sofa seating, and an extensive espresso menu- it was perfect. To digest this godly meal we took a stroll back down to River Street to see the cobblestone roads once more and enjoy some warm pralines at The River Street Sweets Candy Store by the water.  Oh and to say goodbye to Jacob, of course. 


Overall, Savannah is a new favorite and I can easily see it quickly becoming part of a tradition. Go see for yourself- whether its a group of your girlfriends, a mom & me trip, or you + your significant other in need of a getaway, I would shoot Savannah to the top of your lists- Cancun could never...


Places for next time:

- The Old Pink House

- Jazz'd Up

- St. John the Baptist Church

Stay tuned for where I am booked + off to next.

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