Saying Goodbye to New York


I guess I've been avoiding this moment, the one I'm encountering right now where I feel the ball in my throat getting heavier, I keep staring at my empty room, and I'm thinking of any excuse in the world to stay although I know I'll be on that flight Monday morning no matter how bittersweet this feels.

It's time- Landon and I will officially be Floridians! I know most of you are probably wondering why and the reasons are endless, from financial issues to wanting to progress in my academics, the reason that defeats all is simply change. I need to reboot. My time here in New York is done, maybe not forever but definitely for right now. I outgrew this city by giving it so much of me my life, my time, and my energy but best believe, it gave it right back. Although I'll miss New York's aura, I will take everything this thriving city has ever shared with me and do my best to carry it within my being and even closer to my heart to share with whatever Florida throws my way. I created myself here in New York and this version of me is good- but it's time to find myself elsewhere and make sure whatever the finished product of that version of me is is better. This move is in all ways, shapes, and forms a chance taken to progress, to grow, and to redefine the way I choose to lead my life and Landon's upbringing. I hope he doesn't totally hate me in a few years when I say I took him out of one of the liveliest cities in the world to come live closer to Mickey (because ideally thats all he really cares about right now, thats how I convinced him- shhh!). Instead, I hope he appreciates the efforts and leap I'm taking in hopes for the absolute best. Who knows if we stay for a year, who knows if we come back in a week- life will forever be a constant battle with trying to make sense of the unknown. It's taking a chance that defines what it means to be really living

So here goes nothing- to a new beginning, a blank sheet of paper, a restart to life- lets do this! From an unmatched skyline to unlimited amounts of palm trees, thank you New York.