Settling in the Sunshine State

Okay so maybe they had a typo when nicknaming this place the sunshine state because holy hurricane season. It has been non-stop raining  since I got here, well maybe I'm lying I got two solid days but still! I was expecting unlimited sunshine and regretful sunburn pains afterwards. I'm sure these statements will come around and bite me in the butt in a few days though.

Anyways- its been one whole week as a Floridian and I kind of feel just like the weather, gloomy. Maybe because everything is fairly new and I am not in my element yet, I feel somewhat out of it. I'm truthfully scared, in the sense that I don't know what to expect. I took a huge chance coming out here- I left everything I knew behind but I keep trying to remind myself that it was for the best. So as far as goals go I have set out a few for myself that I hope I could see through. One of them, above all, is to finally finish my masters. With the pregnancy and all the hectic changes that added to my life- I was unable to give my academics the focus it deserved. Now that I am a little more balanced and kind of got this mom thing under control I'm excited to see how much I could really push myself and what limits I'm capable of reaching. Although I sound so certain, I'm sure there will be harder days than others and I'm almost positive I'll feel like giving up 9/10, but it's those days that make the end result all worth it- someone remind me of that when those days come around, thanks.

Besides my personal insight on life, being around family has been everything I was missing. I got to finally see my family owned children's boutique. I was in awe! Not saying this just because it is my family's, but it really left me speechless. Ribbons & Ties is located in St. Petersburg Florida. The vision for the store is beautifully displayed within every detail and every article of clothing so intricately placed within the store. Specifically, they carry a very unique brand, Theophile & Patachou, that originates in Belgium and is an exclusive line making Ribbons & Ties the third carrier of their product. With a timeless style using only the most noble and natural materials of the highest quality, Theophile & Patachou is for sure a statement! Their look roams from classical contemporary to just the right amount of retro. All and all, Theophile & Patachou is an art de vivre. So if you are ever in town come on down to 400 Beach Drive and stop in to see the vision for yourself!

Landon's outfit head to toe: Ribbons & Ties

My outfit head to toe: Ribbons & Ties

Diaper Bag: Theophile & Patachou

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