The Boogie Man.

And just like that, the breezy fall winds got the best of Landon- his first cold! Never have I hated anything more than seeing my baby sick with a stuffy nose. We all know how tedious it is to have to continuously blow your nose because you can't breathe, imagine a baby who can't do either? Yes- mortifying. 

I truthfully had no idea what to do- so as a natural instinct, I did what my mom use to do, a.k.a Vapor Rub to the rescue! I rubbed a little at the bottom of his feet, at the top of his head [his soft spot], and just a little on his nose. Fact: These areas on a baby's body are what balance respiration and body temperature. At first it seemed to calm the runny nose down and after his night bottle I thought all was at ease. No way! I was in for a full day of only 15 minute naps and a watery eyed stuffy baby. Surprisingly, my big boy was still keeping one big smile on his face- boogies and all. Along with the vapor rub remedy, I bought him some saline drops for babies and bundled him up as if he were going on his first ski trip to sweat out the cold and guess what- it worked! Landon and I are ready to face winter and everything it has for us this year- bring it on mother nature.


Landon's Mom