Throwback to Cravings.

Can't believe I'm about to type this but...I MISS MY BELLY. Yes its true! What I thought was a myth turned out not to be so mythical after all, missing the baby kicks on the inside is very real, which also comes hand in hand with being able to eat for two.

I started off at 120lbs when I found out the big news and ended up at a total of 145lbs. Now- majority of that weight was big boy Landon, he's the chunkiest 2 month year old I've ever seen. The other portion of that I blame on my cravings.

My top three were:

1. BREAD: I can't stress enough how much bread I ate during this pregnancy. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and sometimes even in between snacks or dessert- I needed bread. Bread- bread- bread- bread! 

2. SALAD: Surprisingly, I stayed somewhat on the healthy route in the fluctuation of cravings and devoured a salad of any kind nearly everyday for lunch. Not only was it the quickest to make but something about the dressing and tomatoes (I love tomatoes!) that got me going. 


3. And the biggest secret craving and "no-no" during pregnancy of them all was, drumroll please- BURGER KING: yup, I said it! If could have a big Whopper and salty fries combo every single night before bed, I would! It was something about the ketchup, mayo, and pickle combo that just hit the spot.

In retrospect, I was forced to eat all the healthy stuff like broccoli and carrots too- yuck! Who's the kid here, me or Landon? After some time though I grew to love them if and only when drowned in garlic and lemon juice, that turned "yuck" into "yum" in a heartbeat. Looking back, I had one of the healthiest pregnancies and better yet have one of the healthiest-happiest babies ever.


Landon's Mom