After a wonderful Giants win last night *does OBJ victory dance*, I scrambled through Landon's costume drawer and decided to become a photographer for the day. Can I just say...holy energized baby! He would not sit still. Not only did the flash ignite endless amounts of giggles, he seemed to be Cruz salsa'ing through the entire shoot. Ok Ok I get it, you're a real fan!


Momma pointers:

1. Those perfect baby pictures you see online probably take hours let alone countless editing- don't be discouraged.

2. You're dealing with a baby, not a grown up. They have no idea why they are dressed up and being placed in ridiculous settings for a long period of time- be patient.

3. Every colorful noisy toy to get your child's attention will be necessary- I seriously mean every.

4. Have fun! Sometimes the shot you're looking for ends up being one you mistakenly took (photographed below).


Landon's Mom

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