Under The Sea.

I totally forgot to document Landon's first time gazing at the fishy's- sorry! This all was an unplanned, unexpected, due to a rainy day ruining our original adventure- that led us to Atlantis Marine World, an aquarium also back in my hometown, Long Island. 

We gathered up the baby clan and mom club and decided to make the best out of our trip and take our fun indoors and can I just say, unexpected plans always turn out to make the best memories. The kids enjoyed jumping from different tanks and exhibits like the perfect "Nemo" tank photographed above all the way to the arctic exhibit filled with Penguins. Landon was mezmorized by all the colors and movement to say the very least- tears were not present on this rainy day. The aquarium is filled with tons of activities like animal feedings, scuba diving, sting ray pools, sea otter shows, and shark tank dives in which I quite frankly will never be brave enough to attempt- shark bait hoo hah hah! 

Moral of the story: "Never let a little rain dim the sunshine within your day."


Landon's Mom