*lays down in an XL t-shirt and an even bigger glass of milk in hand before typing this*- so, lets talk wardrobe, shall we? being that nothing is growing except baby Landon, finding an outfit that works let alone fits has been a mission and a half.

growing up with a fashion designer as a mother, i have always been in tune with my unique likes and dislikes in the fashion world. simplicity for me is key but spicing things up with a pair of heels here and there never hurt- well, not until you're carrying around a growing baby. i live in flats and stretchy dresses. anything that stretches have become my new best friends. maxi dresses, leggings, and my current status of XL t-shirts have been in heavy rotation. i've stayed away from anything flowy for the mere sake of staying true to some kind of figure. i'm not a curvy girl, but this belly deserves about all the attention any kind of curve on my body has ever gotten. 

like i said, simplicity has always been my go to attire of choice. i threw on a light taupe blazer from Forever 21 (also my go-to), a stretchy nude dress from Express, snake skin flats from Aldo, and my substitute for heels as a way of "spicing" it up were my new favorite pair of sunnies from the LB Brand that read "I AM MODERN MOTHERHOOD". 


Landon's Mom

all the praise & credit to the lovely Laura Huertas for capturing these. 

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